Salvage Marine Network (SMN) came to be as a result of the owners being lifelong boat owners. Like most boaters, they prefer to work on their own boat whenever possible. The need for quality used parts, as well as inexpensive or discounted new parts, was always a challenge. One thing led to another and Salvage Marine Network was born. Today we serve Marinas, Marine Repair Facilities and Boat Owners with one of the largest inventories of New, Used and NOS parts online in the world, and our inventories are growing daily.


New Parts

  • New catalog parts
  • In original package current year.
  • Shipped from our warehouse or our distributors.

NOS (New Old Stock) 

  • New parts that are older than 18 months
  • In original packaging (may have open box or not in original packaging)
  • Parts are Owned by SMN or Consigned to SMN from one of our many consignors.
  • Warehoused and fulfilled at SMN facility

Used Parts

  • Inspected, cleaned, bench tested, and serviced (if required) prior to being listed for sale
  • Warehoused and fulfilled at SMN facility


Consignment of parts has become a growing part of our business. We currently serve over 70 consignors to include Marinas, Repair facilities, Manufacturers and Distributors. All parts are shipped to our facility, Inventoried, and listed for sale on one of our many sales outlets. All under contract. Purchase of Overstock by SMN is also an option for some parts suppliers.


The Rhode Island Fiberglass Vessel Recycling Pilot Project began collaboration with cement industry partners in 2016 to determine the feasibility of co-processing “end-of-life” fiberglass boat material.  These efforts achieved a major milestone in April 2019 when fiberglass boat hull recyclate material  was first collected, processed and shipped by the RIFVR network to a kiln in South Carolina for utilization. Small, incremental deliveries have occurred since the initial verification with the support of industry sponsors. This project marks the first such cement kiln co-processing of boat-based fiberglass recyclate in North America. The results from this proof-of-concept effort have successfully  demonstrated new opportunities to establish and incentivize future boat hull material recycling, by verifying the applicability of fiberglass boat recyclate material as a valuable alternative input for industrial cement manufacturers. The recyclate offers both thermal and material value that  replaces elements such as silica and alumina and reduces emissions that contribute to climate  change with no negative impact on the finished product.

Salvage Marine supports the RIFVR project and its network of collaborators as a critical material  collection partner. For more information, please contact RIMTA or review the boat inquiry form below.

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